InnovationPoint’s proprietary set of methodologies balances “innovation as an art” with rigorous approaches to strategic business planning. What sets us apart from mainstream consulting firms is our non-traditional approach that blends creative, innovation-focused methods with fact-based conventional strategy. In addition, we possess a comprehensive understanding of the organizational issues that directly impact implementation and the requirements for creating an ongoing capacity for sustainable innovation.

Working from the “fuzzy front end” of the innovation process through the execution/market planning stage, InnovationPoint helps cross-functional client teams envision and become galvanized around new possibilities and opportunities. By engaging outside perspectives (industry experts, early adopter/lead consumers, customers, channel partners, suppliers, investors, etc.) and by fostering deep internal stakeholder alignment, we enable clients to take inspired, committed action – faster and more effectively than they could do themselves.

Our Framework for Strategic Innovation comprises eight dimensions:

  • A Managed Innovation Process – Combining Non-Traditional and Traditional Approaches to Business Strategy
  • Strategic Alignment – Garnering Internal Support
  • Industry Foresight – Understanding Emerging Trends
  • Customer Insight – Understanding Articulated and Unarticulated Customer Needs
  • Core Technologies and Competencies – Leveraging Corporate Assets
  • Organizational Readiness – The Ability to Take Action
  • Disciplined Implementation – From Inspiration To Business Impact
  • Sustainable Innovation – A Platform For Ongoing Competitive Advantage

We offer two integrated practice areas: Strategic Innovation and Strategic Organizational Change.

Our Strategic Innovation methodologies include:

  • Thought Leader Innovation SessionsA non-traditional, collaborative approach that brings together the complementary perspectives of hand-picked experts to explore emerging trends, identify potential growth opportunities and stimulate breakthrough thinking on a specific opportunity area.
  • Market-Driven Technology RoadmappingA methodology for reducing overall R&D investment by aligning technology development with marketplace needs – while accelerating the time-to-market of truly differentiated products and services.
  • Consumer-Inspired New Product, Service and Category Innovation A suite of non-traditional methodologies at the “fuzzy front-end” that engage consumers, customers and business partners. The goal is to create insight into unarticulated needs as a springboard for breakthrough new product innovation and business strategy development.
  • Business Model Innovation A strategic view of alternative business models for a specific opportunity area or solution that includes scenarios for potential revenue streams, control points, partnership options, and supporting strategies.
  • White Space Opportunity IdentificationAn approach for uncovering new “white space” or “blue oceans” that represent significant growth opportunities.

Our Strategic Organizational Change methodologies include:

  • Silicon Valley Innovation Immersion ProgramsOne- and two-day highly experiential visits to Silicon Valley that expose a client team to a hand-picked selection of innovation pioneers and leaders, who reveal short and long-term approaches to creating new capabilities based on emerging innovation best practices.
  • Strategic Innovation Workshop Series Customized, educational workshops that combine innovation best practices and case studies with practical tools for imaginative, strategic thinking and applied problem solving
  • Decision Accelerator Lab A process for engaging a network of key stakeholders to rapidly align around a key business challenge or opportunity, and then make accelerated decisions on the most promising strategic options.
  • Organizational Design Frameworks and tools for designing the most effective organizational structures and processes to support innovation, including ambidextrous organization design, venture boards, innovation councils and cross-functional solution teams.

Our approach is unique in a number of ways:

  • Our methodologies have been developed from fifteen years’ experience in Strategic Innovation consulting with large and small organizations.
  • Everything we do is tied to our Innovation Principles.
  • We deliver a balance of strategic and tactical results – helping define longer-term breakthrough opportunities that are linked back to short- and mid-term strategies and actions.
  • We use a combination of non-traditional and conventional approaches, providing the assurance of tried and true methods, but not allowing our results to be limited by them.
  • We stretch your organization’s thinking beyond best practices to focus on “next practices”.
  • We bring both process and content to our engagements – while we are seasoned process architects and facilitators we ensure that subject-matter resources and thought leaders are always included in our work.
  • The approach is flexible, scalable and realistic – we customize our approach to your organization’s business needs, timing requirements and organizational
  • Beyond project-focused results, we often introduce and inspire a new organizational capacity for Strategic Innovation.