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Top Books in Business Innovation, Product & Service Strategy, & Creativity – Best of the Best Recommended Reading List

The following is our best of the best innovation book reading list – the top recommended books on the topics of Business Innovation, New Product Innovation, New Service Innovation, Business Model Innovation, Strategic Thinking, and Business Creativity.

Best Business Innovation Books

Soren Kaplan
index_2Blue Ocean Strategy
Renée Mauborgne & W. Chan Kim
index_5Competing for the Future
Gary Hamel & C.K. Prahalad
index_7The Innovator’s Dilemma
Clayton M. Christensen
index_9The Innovator’s Solution
Clayton M. Christensen
index_8The Innovator’s DNA
Clayton M. Christensen

Best New Product & Service Innovation Books

2_3Crossing The Chasm
Geoffrey A. Moore

Best Open Innovation Books

3_1Open Innovation
Henry Chesbrough

Best Business Model Innovation Books

4_1Business Model Generation
Alexander Osterwalder
4_2Open Business Models
Henry Chesbrough
4_3Seizing the White Space
Mark W. Johnson

Best Organizational Innovation Books

5_2Innovation to the Core
Peter Skarzynski
5_3Innovate or Evaporate
James M. Higgins
5_5What Matters Now
Gary Hamel

Best Strategic Thinking Books

6_2Strategic Thinking
Simon Wootton
6_3Ahead of the Curve
Steven Stowell

Best New Ideas & Creative Thinking Books

7_3Creative Whack Pack (set of cards)
Roger Von Oech
7_4IDEO Method Cards (set of cards)
Michael Michalko
7_6Corporate Creativity
Alan Robinson & Sam Stern

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