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Need your next growth opportunity? Want to identify new products, services, business models and customer experiences to to drive new revenue streams?

Many organizations find it challenging to commit time and resources to think strategically about the future when short-term metrics and fire-fighting are the operating norms. Ensuring that today’s actions are tightly linked to longer-term business goals and objectives is a significant challenge, especially when the company lacks a well-articulated growth and innovation strategy.

Most “visioning” exercises produce a description of a desired end-state, coupled with an action plan based on a “gap analysis.” While the vision may be bold, the specific opportunities, business models, and supporting strategies are often high-level, making short-term action planning and measures of success elusive. While you may have a desired end state and an activity list, a structured yet flexible strategic framework for moving forward is often missing.

Questions that keep you awake at night:

  • What’s the most compelling future for our business and how do we achieve it?
  • How do we influence the evolution of our industry to reflect our desired future vision?
  • How do we link our strategic intent and objectives to the most promising short- and long-term growth opportunities?
  • How can we ensure that our current short-term activities are aligned with our longer-term strategic business goals?

Breakthroughs occur when we push boundaries – our own, our team’s and our organization’s. And there are a number of ways to do this:

  • Bust organizational silos
  • Create radical team diversity
  • Develop customer empathy
  • Find inspiration from nature and biology
  • Look for analogs from other industries
  • Explore converging technologies
  • Seek out adjacent and non-adjacent markets
  • Infuse fresh perspectives by engaging with external “thought leaders”

InnovationPoint’s Breakthrough Growth Strategy process establishes a living strategic framework for aligning action to vision. We help you identify growth opportunities, assess strategic options, define your optimal future, and clearly lay out the path forward. At the heart of your strategic roadmap lies the value that your company will deliver to specific market segments over time, supported by the strategies, capabilities, technologies, partnerships, and business models required for success in the short-, mid- and longer-term.

Just as important as your vision and roadmap, however, is the Strategic Alignment required to quickly galvanize your organization to committed action. Unlike other firms that leave you with a report and set of recommendations, our experience is that breakthrough strategies require transformational leadership to drive them forward within the organization.

Our approach explicitly addresses the alignment of senior leadership and other key internal and external stakeholders – including employees, business partners, customers, suppliers, etc. – throughout the strategy and planning process. The emphasis of our initiatives is entirely dependent on our client’s strategic focus and can include identifying new opportunities in building growth strategies for technology areas like the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, disruptive technologies, customer target markets like Millennial consumers, or other topics. Engaging the organization in a highly collaborative process lays the groundwork for accelerated decision-making and rapid implementation.

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