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Leadership Development for Strategic Thinking & Innovation – Workshops, Immersions & Coaching

Do you want to build strategic thinking, innovation, and growth strategy capabilities into your high-potential managers and executive leadership?

Most leaders want business breakthroughs, but many struggle with the elusive and “messy” process required for creating them. Why? Because breaking through in whatever we’re doing isn’t formulaic. It requires an agile mindset coupled with fast learning. And often some of the most important leadership success factors involve how we approach uncertainty, manage ambiguity, and respond to the inevitable positive and negative surprises we experience during the process.

Through extensive research and practical application, we’ve identified the steps that leaders and teams go through when leapfrogging to the next big thing. Whether going after new markets or transforming existing ones, our LEAPS process delivers the path to effectively leading disruptive innovation and change.

Our Innovation Academy integrates leadership development and new business creation to build leaders’ innovation competencies while uncovering untapped sources of business growth. The Innovation Academy is a comprehensive leadership experience conducted over 9-12 months that will transform your leaders and culture while driving real innovation.

Our Leadership Development Programs deliver customized, highly experiential and collaborative 1-2 day programs for high-potential leaders and executives that combine breakthrough innovation and change strategies with practical tools for making them real. Most programs focus on current business challenges, giving participants the potential to apply knowledge in real-time to create real business impact while gaining instant feedback that helps embed new-found new skills and competencies.

Our Silicon Valley Innovation Immersions are 1-2 day highly experiential, customized programs that expose a leadership team to a hand-picked cadre of innovation pioneers and leaders, to hear their stories and learn about their approaches and practices. The visits include tours, presentations and highly interactive discussions with top Silicon Valley innovators and thought leaders. Following these visits, debrief sessions catalyze insights, reveal implications and prioritize key actions for advancing innovation and driving growth within your organization.

Our Innovation Advisors Coaching gives managers and leaders a dedicated “innovation coach” to help uncover new opportunities, define specific strategies for pursuing them, tap into personal potential, help foster a culture of innovation, and hone the most critical leadership behaviors for guiding their teams and organizations into the future.