Established companies often face the challenge of growing the existing business while concurrently pursuing new opportunities outside the core. Highly optimized systems and structures designed for efficiency, production and scale often undermine new ventures and inhibit the enterprise’s innovation potential.

An organization’s design directly impacts its ability to drive innovation. The ubiquitous “silo” organizational structure often results in poor collaboration across business units, functions and geographies, limited communication, ambiguous roles and responsibilities, internal competition for resources, and slow decision-making.

Leadership’s role in driving innovation is all about design — design of the organizational structures and culture that lead to agile, flexible approaches that support lateral collaboration and fast-cycle time innovation. The challenge involves knowing what kind of designs will best support your business models and strategies, and how to instill these as sustainable capabilities.

Questions that keep you awake at night:

  • What is the best way to structure my business for innovation and growth?
  • How can we improve our coordination and collaboration across “silos”? How can we leverage our matrix model for innovation and growth?
  • How can we ensure that our innovation strategy and organizational structures are aligned – and that both support our overall growth strategy?
  • How can we best support our new ventures so they can move quickly yet leverage the resources of our larger organization?
  • What are the best metrics for driving innovation and growth?

InnovationPoint helps business leaders design organizations that support growth through innovation. Our thought leadership and experience with structure and design help our clients move beyond their organizational pain points, allowing them to focus on driving the new opportunities that represent their future.

We have integrated a number of approaches and models into a portfolio of options for creating new organizational capabilities that support innovation:

Our six-point capability building framework guides our engagements in this area. Beginning with an Innovation Diagnostic, we uncover your organization’s current strengths and barriers to innovation along multiple dimensions, and then develop alternatives and recommendations for the optimal organizational structure. The most effective organizational structures connect the dots between these six areas, shaping behavior and culture, and ultimately driving your company’s performance.

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