Vision Films Align and Mobilize Your Believers

Engage and inspire employees, partners, and customers with your fresh view of the future in a corporate vision video

Doing things differently starts with seeing things differently. Vision films are a powerful asset leaders use to frame the conversation, articulate the new world order and inspire all stakeholders to sign up.

Disruptive innovation requires believers both internal and external. And yet, the terms “innovation” and “vision” are so overused these days that most are numb to the promise. Vision films convey more than “we are leading the way and investing in the future”— they articulate a point of view about the future and the role your company will play in shaping it. While many executives talk a good innovation game, far fewer possess the skills and tools to truly mobilize the business. Leading strategic innovation is as much about communication, employee engagement, and external PR as it is about buzzwords and big ideas. But how can executive leadership communicate a compelling vision that truly motivates and engages the organization, partners, and even customers?

A well-conceived growth strategy is clearly the starting point. But how leadership articulates its planned future investments, its vision for the future, and the importance and value of people in achieving its vision, can make the difference between being the market disruptor and being disrupted.

Our vision films are used by CEO’s for Investor Day and Strategy Tours, by Chief Marketing Officers online and at conferences, and by Heads of Business Development to deepen collaboration with current and new customers and partners. These videos give executive leadership a fresh new voice to communicate and engage employees, investors, partners, and even customers. And the process for creating these videos is strategic in itself since we often help further clarify and articulate business vision, customer value propositions, and corporate strategies.

So, if you’re tired of talking and ready to start showing, let’s schedule an exploratory conversation. We know what’s at stake and have a proven track record of delivering a return that far offsets the investment.

Check out our recent videos below. For more information, contact Soren Kaplan at skaplan @

For more information, contact Soren Kaplan at skaplan @