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business technology trends research consulting

Gain insight into the disruptive technology trends and business models to drive your strategy and innovation investments

Disruptive technologies emerge and grow faster than ever. From the Internet of Things (IoT) to Augmented and Virtual Reality, every new technology contains both threats and opportunities for your business.

InnovationPoint provides unique research, tools and processes to help companies gain insight to trends, conduct technology assessments, define technology platforms, and define the strategies and opportunities that will affect their markets and industries.

Questions that keep you awake at night:

  • What are the most important trends that could disrupt my industry?
  • How are competitors and other industries adopting these new technologies?
  • What are the best practices and risks associated with leveraging these emerging technologies?
  • What new products, services, and business models can we innovate that tap into the power of disruptive technologies
  • What new organizational capabilities do we need to drive a strategy around our priority technological investments
  • What strategic partnerships or acquisitions should we pursue?

Big opportunities exist across most market segments for companies that can leverage key trends and build strategies to create compelling experiences and value for their customers.

To take advantage of these opportunities, it is critical for innovation teams to create an integrated view of the trend landscape in which they will compete. Our maps provide the following components to develop insight and create alignment around a common understanding of the disruptive technological ecosystem:

  • Trend snapshots that use simple language to describe the technological, functional, social, political, business and societal view of the driving forces that will impact a market or industry
  • The market opportunity for an emerging trend within industries, markets, competitive sets, and geographies
  • Areas of early innovation opportunity including an evaluation of risk versus return
  • Competitive company landscapes that provide an overview of the players and their roles in the marketplace, including key strengths, vulnerabilities, and disruptive strategies
  • Simple, visual summaries of the key points that matter to your business with talking points on how to explain them to others (which is critical for communicating and building alignment across teams, partners, and investors)

Our Approach:

We deliver insight into the disruptive technology, business, and market trends that will shape your future. We simplify trends like the Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR), Big Data & Analytics, and other market disruptions into meaningful strategies that create new opportunities.

Our approach begins by collaboratively defining your opportunity space and mapping out the key trends in the context of your own unique markets or industry. We then merge internal and external market and customer insights with technology drivers through collaborative working sessions, usually with cross-functional teams. We lend our own expertise and tap into industry Thought Leaders, while ensuring internal organizational alignment throughout the process. The result: a growth strategy and implementation plan that leverages new product, service, and business model innovations that help you capitalize on disruptive trends and technologies.

Our structured approach explicitly addresses the alignment of senior executives and other key stakeholders – including employees, business partners, customers, vendors, suppliers, etc. – throughout the strategic innovation process. Engaging the organization in a highly collaborative process around the future lays the groundwork for accelerated implementation and business growth.

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