Join Soren Kaplan’s Consultant’s Master Class and get access to world-class resources, tools, and materials to get clients and build your own consulting practice!

Straight from the executive suites of some of the world’s most innovative companies, Soren Kaplan now makes all of his knowledge, tools, and know-how available through his Consultant’s Master Class!

He’s worked across industries with market leaders including Disney, Colgate, Visa, Kaiser Permanente, Philips, Aon Hewitt, Cisco,, Lowe’s, Red Bull, Roche, Star Alliance, Wells Fargo Bank, and dozens of other market leaders.

Soren has lectured and taught executive education programs in strategy and innovation at the world’s top universities including the Copenhagen Business School and the Harvard Business School.

Soren’s consulting firm, InnovationPoint, is one of the world’s most recognized business strategy and innovation consultancies with dozens of name brand clients. His work has been profiled by Forbes, National Public Radio, FastCompany, USA Today, Time, the American Management Association, the American Marketing Association, and many others. His Wall Street Journal bestselling book Leapfrogging was named “best general business book” by the International Book Awards and received the “best leadership book” distinction from the prestigious Axiom Book Awards.

Soren’s first-ever offering to other consulting and strategic innovation professionals will give you the edge – everything you need to become a top notch strategy and innovation consultant or create your own consulting business.

Sign-up now for Soren’s 6 week online Consultant’s Master Class and get:

  • Tips and tools for building your strategy & innovation consulting business
  • Proven, practical tools for leading strategy and innovation projects
  • Live advice and coaching directly from Soren

The weekly agenda includes recorded presentations, downloadable templates, and live Q&A:

Week 1: How to Build a Successful Consulting Business

  • How to create compelling service offerings
  • How to develop and sell high-value consulting projects
  • How to define your consulting business model (including trade-offs and strategies for hourly pricing, day rates, project-based pricing, and value pricing)

Week 2: How to Market and Promote Your Consulting Business

  • How to create a world-class consulting website
  • How to leverage content marketing to drive new business
  • How to use social media to build client relationships

Week 3: How to Sell, Scope, Define, and Lead Strategy Projects

  • How to scope and define your strategy project
  • How to select and use the best strategy models and tools
  • How to lead and deliver your strategy project to ensure success

Week 4: How to Sell, Scope, Define, and Lead Innovation Projects

  • How to scope and define your innovation project
  • How to select and use the best innovation models and tools
  • How to lead and deliver your innovation project to ensure success

Week 5: How to Ensure Success to Create Repeat Business

  • How to design processes and deliverables that promote repeat business
  • How to build client relationships that last
  • How to leverage your client network to generate new business

Week 6: How to Become a Recognized “Thought Leader”

  • How to build your personal brand
  • How to write and publish content that builds brands and sells projects
  • How to use speaking to fuel your business

The next Consultant’s Master Class is being scheduled now. Send an email to CMC @ with your contact information and we’ll keep you posted. Plus, act now and we’ll make sure you get the Consultant’s Toolkit from Soren’s Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Leapfrogging, absolutely free when you register!