Executive Development that Develops New Business Opportunities – Build Strategic Innovation into Leadership’s DNA while Driving Topline Growth

The Innovation Academy integrates executive development and new business creation to build leaders’ innovation competencies while uncovering untapped sources of business growth.

The Innovation Academy isn’t your ivory tower executive MBA educational program. It’s a double whammy of leadership development and applied strategic innovation that delivers lasting impact for your leaders and company.

The Innovation Academy is for companies that are:

  • tired of talking about the need to innovate
  • tired of wishing they could innovate like Apple and Google
  • tired of failing to drive significant topline growth

The Innovation Academy is for business leaders who are:

  • ready to hold themselves accountable
  • ready to invest in a committed, sustained effort to drive growth through internal innovation
  • ready to embed innovation best practices into the organization’s culture

The Innovation Academy has three core components:

Leading Innovation – Leadership development experience infused with best practices that transform operational leaders into growth-focused strategic thinkers, innovation sponsors, and growth-focused culture shapers

Applied Strategic Innovation – Opportunity identification and development focused on “white space” and “disruptive innovation” for growth, including real innovation pilots focused on testing, validating, and launching new products, services, and business models

Innovation Culture Transformation – Next practices for embedding new mindsets, values, norms, and behaviors across the enterprise to foster a true culture of innovation

The Innovation Academy is a comprehensive leadership experience customized for your company that will transform your leadership while driving real innovation. Here’s how it works:

  • 9-12 month program with quarterly 2-3 day intensive offsite sessions
  • Innovation culture assessment to identify company-specific priority leadership competencies, topics, and success factors for pilot projects
  • Offline team-based pilots to identify, test, validate, pitch, and launch new products, services, or business models
  • Individual and group coaching focused on innovation leadership and innovation pilot success
  • Engagement with and communication to the company’s executive team to ensure tight linkages to business strategy and the necessary sponsorship to implement real opportunities
  • Exposure to leading experts and companies driving new approaches to product innovation, service innovation, business model innovation, and innovation culture

Quarterly program modules are always customized but may include topics such as:

  • Disruptive Innovation
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Innovation Dashboards
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Venturing
  • Open Innovation
  • Leading Innovation Teams
  • Sponsoring & Funding Pilots
  • Innovation Metrics
  • Innovation Portfolio Management
  • The Messaging of Innovation

Contact Soren Kaplan for more information about bringing the Innovation Academy into your own organization.