Internet of Things Strategy Consulting to Deliver Rapid Growth and Innovation in a Hyper Connected World!

As a source of innovation, the Internet of Things (IoT) represents the next big disruptive opportunity. Whatever you call it – white space innovation, disruptive innovation, or game changing innovation – the internet of things will create the next generation in value creation.

IoT goes far beyond technology that senses, tracks, and measures data from devices and machines. As data from connected devices proliferate, entirely new service opportunities and business models arise. Companies that are able to mobilize around these trends can tap into new market opportunities. Most organizations, however, don’t have the capabilities, culture, or cross-functional approaches required to capitalize on IoT’s vast potential – which can eventually become a competitive liability given the number of new companies entering the space every day.

Questions that keep you awake at night:

  • What are the most important emerging IoT innovations that represent opportunities or threats?
  • What are the newest IoT business models that hold the greatest potential for competitive differentiation and new revenue streams?
  • What new products, services, and business models can we innovate that leverage IoT trends and technologies?
  • What new organizational capabilities do we need to drive a robust IoT strategy?

Market size estimates range from 10’s of billions to 10’s of trillions of dollars. One thing is certain: the opportunity is huge. The real question is where to place bets and how to most effectively go to market. B2B solutions represent 75% of the market opportunity over the next 5 years with Supply Chain, Equipment and Facilities Management leading the market’s growth.

Big opportunities also exist across most market segments for companies that can leverage key IoT strategies to create compelling experiences and value for their customers.

The market and competitive landscape continually changes and shifts, but the ecosystem includes both established players and new entrants:

Our approach to helping you collaboratively define your IoT growth strategy begins with mapping out key IoT trends in the context of your own unique industry. We then merge internal and external market and customer insights with technology drivers through collaborative working sessions, usually with cross-functional teams. We lend our own expertise and tap into industry Thought Leaders, while ensuring internal organizational alignment throughout the process. The typical result: a growth strategy that leverages new product, services, and business models innovations that help you capitalize on IoT within your current markets, as well as a game plan for tackling new markets.

Our structured process for IoT strategy and innovation explicitly addresses the alignment of senior executives and other key stakeholders – including employees, business partners, customers, vendors, suppliers, etc. – throughout the strategic innovation process. Engaging the organization in a highly collaborative process around the future of the Internet of Things lays the groundwork for accelerated innovation and business growth.

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