Market & Customer Research – Ethnography, Interviews & Focus Groups

At the heart of great products, services, business models, and customer experiences lies the power of surprise.

Real breakthroughs deliver feelings of surprise and delight when we first experience them. Creating these types of game-changers requires us to first find surprise ourselves, and to use it as a catalyst for strategic innovation.

Our Customer Surprise Research helps you uncover the deeper customer and market insights that are the drivers of breakthrough value propositions and experiences that positively surprise the market. We design our research to your specific requirements and can involve ethnographic immersions, in-depth interviews, or focus groups.  Our unique approach helps reveal new opportunities by:

  • Identifying the surprise points of the customer experience
  • Finding customers using products and services in the wrong way
  • Seeking examples of how customers are creatively modifying products and services
  • Discovering un-targeted customers
  • Listening for market misperceptions

Our unique approach to market research helps you find ways to positively surprise customers, so you can surprise the market – and your competition.