Harness the power of surprise

When we come across breakthroughs, we usually experience a feeling of positive surprise. Just think iPads, Cirque du Soleil, Nespresso, and the Nintendo Wii.

And that’s what breakthrough innovation is all about – whether we’re going after a new product, service, business process, or business model. Business breakthroughs challenge assumptions, create a step-change in the value delivered to the market, and provide positive surprise.

But here’s the challenge: To create breakthroughs that positively surprise others, we need to go through a process of experiencing surprise ourselves. For many organizations, the idea of uncovering insightful surprises feels daunting since typically the same people continually have the same conversations about the same things. What’s needed is a jolt of new thinking and an infusion of a radically different perspective.

Creating products, services, and business models that leapfrog existing ways of doing business requires that we explore the intersection of emerging trends, hidden customer insights, and converging technologies. Big opportunities result when we marry market insight with foresight on the future. And the best way to do this with speed and impact is to tap into the hands-on experience of outside “thought leaders” from other organizations or disciplines who are shaping the future themselves.

We bring you face to face with a hand-picked group of experts in an artfully designed, highly collaborative session with a single purpose – to rapidly infuse new knowledge and insights so you can leapfrog the market and the competition.

Our Leapfrogging Opportunity Sessions are engaging, highly collaborative events that are customized to achieve any of the following goals:

  • Define breakthrough business models, products, or services
  • Identify untapped opportunities to leapfrog customer expectations and experiences
  • Disrupt organizational mindsets to create radical shifts in thinking
  • Foster relationships with external partners and innovation leaders
  • Build internal alignment to accelerate decision-making and implementation

While every session is scoped, designed, and managed to address your unique issues and challenges, they all have one big thing in common — they use external experts from outside your day-to-day business as the catalyst for bringing the “outside-in” and delivering surprising insights that disrupt the mindsets of the organization.

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Want to learn more? Check out our Leapfrogging Opportunity Session Overview or view a video created by the American Council on Exercise that describes their experience working with us: