Disrupt your mindset

Want to disrupt the market? Start with your mindset.

Our custom-designed visits to the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area engage your leadership team with a hand-picked selection of innovation pioneers and trendsetters from leading organizations. Leveraging our network of relationships with a range of organizations across different industries, these highly experiential immersions address your hot topics and deliver pragmatic insights, implications and strategies for your future.

Silicon Valley Innovation Immersions represent unique opportunities to disrupt the mindsets of your senior leadership through experiential insights that use external perspectives as the catalyst. Visits are always customized and the organizations selected are coached to speak directly to your topics of interest. Hot topics often include:

  • Leadership’s role in driving disruptive innovation and change
  • Creating a culture of innovation that fosters “intrapreneurship”
  • Accelerate strategic investment decisions
  • Organizing for disruptive innovation
  • Internal and external venture models

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