Online software for instant access to an entire end-to-end process, proven tools, and metrics dashboards for building your start-up.

Uncovering customer needs and pain points. Defining your minimal viable product. Transforming the customer experience. Building a new business model. Launching and growing your start-up requires juggling many things – all at the same time.

upBOARD gives you the best of the best start-up business practices and processes, instantly out-of-the-box. We’ve integrated the best principles, tools, and templates from the latest start-up business trends, from the lean start-up movement to design thinking to discovery driven planning, and more.

Engage your team in collaborative dashboards that clarify strategies, track actions, capture metrics, and accelerate results.

Most start-ups and new ventures teams cobble together models, tools, and templates from a range of sources. People read books, create PowerPoint slides with the latest framework, and then piecemeal together a business process. It’s haphazard at best, and often leaves the broader team struggling for clarity and focus over time.

upBOARD creates a simple process flow that provides an intuitive structure that guides your team around the specific steps needed to validate your idea, test key assumptions, build your business case, and execute your plan. Using upBOARD, you save time while accelerating results.

Get free online best practices, tools & templates with upBOARD's team collaboration & dashboard software!

Help your team quiet the chaos and focus on what really matters.