Silicon Valley Innovation Immersions – The Ultimate Executive Leadership Development Program

What is the secret of Silicon Valley? How do companies in the Valley and the greater Bay Area like Google, Cisco, Netflix, IDEO, and others drive fast cycle-time innovation and create sustainable growth? What makes this region the most recognized hotbed of innovation in the world?

Established innovators. Start-ups. Venture Capitalists. Entrepreneurs. Researchers. Thoughts leaders from Stanford and Berkeley. By stepping away from your day-to-day routine and immersing yourself in the world of forward-looking companies and imaginative thinkers shaping the future, you can tap into their perspectives and experience, internalize the principles that drive innovation success, and immediately apply these insights to your own strategic innovation and organizational change initiatives.

Today, more than ever, companies understand “the innovation imperative”. They know they must embrace innovation, not only to lead, but to survive, and they see the value of learning first-hand from companies that have innovated their way to success.

Questions that keep you awake at night:

  • What is the role of senior leadership in driving innovation and breakthrough growth?
  • What are the emerging practices in innovation management?
  • What kinds of innovation practices and organizational structures should we employ – and how can we ensure they will work within our organization?
  • How can we identify and go after “white space” growth opportunities? What approaches exist for envisioning next generation business models, products and services?
  • How can we accelerate decision-making around strategic investments?
  • How can we foster a culture of innovation?

Silicon Valley is the undisputed catalyst of entrepreneurship and innovation – a gathering place for those who turn new ideas into innovative business models, products and services. The area is home to some of the most recognized brands and companies on earth, in high technology and beyond. In total, the combined market value of the 150 largest local companies is over $1 trillion.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, InnovationPoint leverages its Strategic Innovation heritage and extensive network of relationships to deliver customized, immersive experiences for senior leadership teams in all types of companies.

InnovationPoint’s Silicon Valley Innovation Immersions are 1-2 day highly experiential, customized programs that expose a leadership team to a hand-picked cadre of innovation pioneers and leaders, to hear their stories and learn about their approaches and practices. The visits include tours, presentations and highly interactive discussions. Following these visits, debrief sessions catalyze insights, reveal implications and prioritize key actions for advancing innovation and driving growth within your organization.

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