Use Technology Platforms to Drive Strategy, Innovation & Business Growth


Today’s innovation leaders recognize the need to explore and invest in emerging technology. Strategic innovators explore technology trends and define the tech platforms that will drive innovation and growth into the future.

InnovationPoint provides unique research, tools and approaches to help you map your current technologies, gain insight into emerging technology trends, and define the technology platforms and platform strategies to help transform your markets and industries.

Questions that keep you awake at night:

  • What new products, services, and business models can we innovate that tap into our current technology platforms?
  • What technology platforms should we invest in for our future?
  • What new organizational capabilities do we need to build out future technological investments?
  • What strategic partnerships or acquisitions should we pursue to build our future platforms?

The Technology Innovation Imperative

For most companies, the question isn’t whether to invest in technology, but rather how to consistently create new revenue streams through product, service, and business model innovation. While exploring and experimenting with new “disruptive technology” is important, long-term innovation comes from applying existing technical capabilities along with new technology investments to innovation efforts.

Our Approach to Technology Platform Strategy & Innovation:

We deliver insight into your current technology platforms and investments while exploring future opportunities for tech platform innovation. Though our collaborative process, we work with technology, R&D and innovation teams to determine the most important technologies for addressing current and future customer needs. By creating a “heat map” of the top needs and technologies, you gain insight into the current state and gaps for the future.

Our structured approach explicitly addresses the alignment of senior executives and other key stakeholders to ensure buy-in around key technology trends and investments. Engaging the organization in a highly collaborative process ensures accelerated technology development, implementation and business growth.

Providing Thought Leadership on the Topic of Technology Platforms & Innovation:

Our ideas, research and results around technology innovation have been recognized and published globally. Our work and thought leadership has appeared in the popular business press including Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Forbes, Inc., and CNBC as well as academic journals including Strategy & Leadership, Ivey Business Journal, Rotman Magazine, and The International Handbook on Innovation, among many others.

See our latest article in Inc. Magazine on how 3M and Cisco use technology platforms to drive innovation and business growth.

Leading Edge Software for Technology Platform Management & Dashboards:

As part of our collaboration with upBOARD, we have built the world’s first Collaborative Dashboard Software platform for Technology Platform Innovation and Management.  Our software gives you the best of the best technology management practices and processes, instantly out-of-the-box through a SaaS software solution. We’ve integrated the best principles and practices from the latest technology platform processes, from managing technology portfolios to using tech platforms in the ideation process.  Learn more about our software solution here.

Technology Platform Innovation Consulting