Virtual (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) Consulting for Strategy, New Product Innovation and Business Growth

Stereoscopic viewing technologies have been rapidly improving since we saw our first ViewMasters as kids! Two related emerging trends are about to explode, and our team possesses decades of experience in 3D, VR & AR technologies to help you gain insight into, and drive new opportunities that leverage these technology disruptors.

With the market expected to top $120 Billion by 2020, every industry will be impacted.

Questions that keep you awake at night:

  • What is the difference between Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality?
  • How will AR, VR and Mixed reality affect my industry?
  • What are the disruptive threats and opportunities for my organization?
  • What strategy, innovation, and business model best practices can be leveraged as we create AR & VR solutions?
  • What new organizational capabilities do we need to drive our augmented and virtual reality strategy?
  • What strategic partnerships or acquisitions should we pursue?

VR and AR are widely used in engineering for product visualization, and this will continue to be an area of interest. However, many companies are also leveraging augmented and virtual reality to improve the customer experience. Virtual showrooms a product simulations continue to grow. Gaming and Entertainment will continue to drive broader adoption of augmented and virtual reality and open new markets. Healthcare, Retail and Education will follow as AR and VR technologies become more available. Brands will also increasingly apply AR & VR to virtual advertising and social placement as early applications of the technology.

The following AR and VR trends represent some of the most promising emerging opportunities for innovation:

  • Entertainment: New Immersive Gaming, Movies, Television & Books with free moving Virtual Environments, Social experience capture, Advertising in Virtual Spaces will be huge
  • General Visualization: Data, Molecular, Architectural, Weather
  • Training & Education: Military Simulation, Virtual combat or Police Raids, Immersive Educations, Medical Procedures, PDSD & Mental Health Treatment
  • Remote Control: Robotic Control of Remote systems, Surgeries, Military Operations
  • Virtual Commerce: Retail Virtual Fittings, In Room Furniture Placement, Automotive Configurators, Virtual Product Manuals
  • Next Generation Operating Systems: Microsoft Skype VR, Experiential Internet, Google’s Daydream VR, Haptic or Sensory Feedback, Binaural 3D Audio, Gesture Control, Eye & Neural Controls

Our Approach:

Our approach to helping you collaboratively define your growth and innovation strategy begins with mappingkey trends in the context of your own unique competitive set and industry. We then merge internal and external market and customer insights with technology drivers through collaborative working sessions, usually with cross-functional teams. We lend our own expertise and tap into industry Thought Leaders, while ensuring internal organizational alignment throughout the process. The typical result: a growth strategy that leverages new product, services, and business model innovations that help you capitalize on Virtual and Augmented Reality within your current markets, as well as a game plan for entering new market spaces to drive new revenue streams.

Our structured process explicitly addresses the alignment of senior executives and other key stakeholders – including employees, business partners, customers, vendors, suppliers, etc. – throughout the strategic innovation process. Engaging the organization in a highly collaborative process around the future of the AR and VR lays the groundwork for accelerated innovation and business growth.