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With all the buzz and hype about “innovation,” many companies feel huge pressure to understand and harness their innovation potential. But they often don’t know how to get started, have limited resources (time, people, money), and are hesitant to hire a consulting firm for a large-scale engagement.

InnovationPoint Advisors On Demand is a flexible consulting service that gives you one-on-one, actionable advice from our seasoned professionals – when you need it. We bring fresh perspectives and an innovation lens to the business problems that keep you up at night.

What’s different is that it’s time-boxed, sensitive to your budget, and delivered how and when you want it. We work with individuals and teams, and agree upfront what the scope is, what a successful outcome looks like, how, when and how often to engage, and to define a budget that works for you.

InnovationPoint Advisors On Demand services can be delivered in several ways: by phone, on Skype or through web conferencing. You can engage us for a couple of hours, for a few weeks or for several months.

Sample topics include:

  • Growth through Innovation: What must we do to identify the next major wave of growth for our business?
  • Innovation leadership: What changes must I personally make to inspire and drive innovation?
  • Innovation Processes: What specifically must we do to drive innovation in our organization? What tools do we need? How must we engage differently – with our customers and with external partners?
  • Organizing for Innovation: How can we overcome our silo mentality and improve cross-functional collaboration? What are the pros and cons of setting up an “innovation function” or appointing a Chief Innovation Officer?
  • People: What changes must we make to our hiring and training – to drive innovation?
  • Innovation Metrics: How can we better measure, motivate, recognize and reward innovation?
  • Innovation-Enabling Technology: How can we use technology to spark creativity and drive collaboration among our employees?
  • Innovation Culture: What will it take to build innovation capability, and foster a more innovative culture? How do we start?
  • Opportunity Reality Check: How viable are the ideas/opportunities we’re currently working on? How can we improve them and get them quickly into market?

We work with companies of any size in any industry. The common thread is that they struggle with innovation. We are typically retained by managers and leaders of marketing, consumer research, R&D, human resources and other functions who are confident in their ability to execute but desire a proven sounding board to help ensure success.

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